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Website Design & Development


All of businesses start off with a business marketing strategy to creating a website. It is the best and easiest way of driving more customers to know your business. Why is that? There’s been significant growth in the world’s access to use of the Internet, especially in Australia. In 2001, 35% of Australian families had access to the Internet and this number in 2006 became 63% (according to Australian Bureau of Statistic). With this pace of increase, this percentage would be 99.99%!!! So, what do you think?


In addition, most of people are in trend to having personal website, family website, wedding website, or event website. Everything’s now put on the web for sharing information; keep your memories of occasions in the long term, and marketing an event.

Therefore, our goal is to provide not only business websites, but also all other websites for different purposes depends on what website on customers want or need.


Furthermore, website maintenance is one of the most important service that we would like to provide you. A website is not being updated; we call it “a dead one”. It causes visitors feeling bored, so they will not visit your website any more… If you’re doing a business, that isn't the type of website you would like to invite your customers to see. The reason is because of the people's trend, they are eager to see something new, something different from others, isn't it?